The Discord Android app is no longer lagging behind iOS

Russell Kidson


Discord for Android has long been the insignificant, ugly step-sister of the utility’s mobile variants. Discord has, however, recently confirmed that this will no longer be the case. In a recent engagement, the company announced that it is rebuilding the Android app from the ground up to bring it in line with the iOS alternative. 


The Discord Android app is being developed with React Native, a developer framework for creating apps that function equally across various platforms. Even though the official rebuilt app should be available sometime within the next few weeks, we’ve already seen a few new features ported to the current Android version of the app. 

The Discord Android app is no longer lagging behind iOS

Another massive change hitting the Android app is how updates will be furnished. In previous versions of the Android utility, users would have to wait considerably longer for updates and new features to be delivered to the app.


These same features and updates would be included in the latest version of the iOS app, sometimes weeks before the Android variant. In the case of the newly rebuilt app, updates and new features will be furnished alongside those pushed to iOS devices. The company also expanded on this directly in a recent blog post.

‘React Native allows us to streamline and consolidate our processes, which helps our engineers work more efficiently and push out updates more frequently, especially now that the team won’t be spending as much time maintaining different codebases for different devices.’

It’ll be exciting to use Discord on Android soon and not feel like we’re getting the short end of the stick. Here’s another change happening within Discord: Apparently Discord is tidying up its dedicated voice channels.

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