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The perfect chat app for gamers!

Discord is a free direct messaging app, which lets you enter chat rooms, initiate group messaging, and indulge in video calls. Developed as a game chat app, this program has been quite popular among youngsters. Since it’s available for Windows, Mac, and other platforms, you can use Discord on a wide range of devices. Most users prefer instant messaging on the app to discuss their favorite games or related topics. Unlike other social channels, this app lets you build invite-only private groups, ensuring your privacy. Since conversations work on an opt-in model, you can use a wide range of tools to avoid chatting with strangers.

Versatile and advanced features for desktop!

In the initial stages, Discord was developed as a communication app for gamers. While it’s a good tool to chat with fellow players, it comes with a wide range of advanced features, which let you find live events, streams, and gamers. Over the years, the program has been converted to a social app, where relevant topics can be discussed. Some of the popular ones include gaming, anime, and cryptocurrency. The developers have given a new way to remain connected with like-minded players to build a solid community.

How to invite someone on Discord?

On Discord, you can invite users around the world to join specific servers. From here, they can enter various chat rooms. When you send an invite, your friend receives a link, which lets the person choose to have a voice or text chat with members on the server. Unlike similar apps, such as TeamSpeak and Mumble, every server on Discord is broken into various channels. Each channel comprises smaller groups, which discuss a particular topic, either through voice chat or text. While every member of the server can see all channels, only the invited ones can access private channels.

Is Discord easy to use?

The app comes with an appealing and user-friendly interface, which provides you with several tips. When you launch the program, you can notice the decluttered window, allowing you to navigate the app with ease. Each function is neatly organized and lets you scroll through channels, groups, and servers without any trouble.

Is it safe to use Discord?

It’s worth mentioning that a huge section of Discord servers contain a small number of people. In fact, you can create your own server to invite a group of friends. At the same time, you can find open and large servers created by other users on the platform. These can be professional game developers, and like-minded gamers interested in certain subjects. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t give you a bio for the server’s creator. Hence, you can’t identify the person.

Whether you want to chat with friends or numerous other users on Discord, you can use the two-factor authentication feature to safeguard your interests. Also called 2FA, this feature is a time-specific password required by the app after submitting login credentials. Since the 2FA password appears outside the app’s interface, it’s recommended to share your email address or mobile number at the time of signing up. With this feature, Discord protects your account from hackers. It’s also useful for blocking friend requests and unwanted messages.

Unlike Signal Private Messenger and IMO, Discord comes with a ‘Safe Direct Messaging’ feature, which instructs the program to scan messages from users. With this feature, you can only receive messages from members of specific servers. However, these messages can’t fully protect you from viewing inappropriate content. You can further solve this problem with the ‘Explicit Content’ filter, which automatically detects and deletes content not considered safe for the group, channel, or member.

Can you link accounts on Discord?

Apart from text chat and voice functions, Discord lets you link multiple accounts, which ensures increased efficiency and easier access. For instance, within a few clicks, you can connect your Twitch or YouTube account. Moreover, you can adjust different settings from the ‘menu’ section, such as default output or input devices, appearance, notifications, overlay mode, games, key bindings, streamer mode, and more.

If you’re looking for a convenient and easy way of connecting with friends and like-minded gamers, Discord will be an excellent choice. It’s even more useful while playing online games, and provides you with voice, video, and text chat support. Before you can chat with other players, you need to add them to the contact list. The simple interface comes with an ‘Add Friend’ button, which lets you add people to the contact list in a single click. Additionally, you can invite people with a mobile number, email address, and Discord Tag Number.

Once you’ve created the friend list, you can chat with each person individually or create a server to invite people for a group chat. Discord lets you communicate with multiple friends simultaneously. Overall, it’s a reliable and easy-to-use application, which helps you stay in touch with friends, discuss subjects of interest, and explore live streams, events, and games. With the appealing interface, it keeps you engaged in interesting conversations. Since the app features various intuitive functions, it’s not only efficient but accessible and user-friendly.

A reliable and safe platform for Windows!

Unlike typical social and communication tools, Discord can be used for a wide range of purposes, including completion of projects, streaming games, and discussing several subjects. Numerous people have joined the community since Discord lets them break down specific topics into channels and groups.

Though new users wouldn’t be familiar with terms like ‘channel’ and ‘server’ on a messaging app, it doesn’t take long to get a hang of the features. While the app has created a niche, you can still use Discord as a basic voice, video, and text chat app. In case you’re bored with existing instant messengers, Discord is worth a try. Since it’s free, there’s no harm in trying this new way of communicating with friends.


  • Well-organized user interface
  • Several customization options
  • Safe direct messaging
  • Searches live streams


  • Doesn’t show bio for server creator

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Discord 0.0.306 for PC

User reviews about Discord

  • Gabriel Lapointe

    by Gabriel Lapointe

    Its great you can chat with friends while playing an online game

  • Oli Thompson

    by Oli Thompson

    Better than skype.
    It is a great app for chatting with friends. It is a great alternative to Skype and better overall.

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